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Im in Orlando area and had the fortune to meet up with a fine gentleman whos done a conversion to a Miata.
We are planning a conversion in a Fiero and possibly a Corvair.
Any tips or pointers are welcome.For the first one we want to keep the cost down,utilizing as many recycled parts(sounds better than junkyard).
I have seen something regarding recycled batteries and am wondering what they are referring to.Our goal is to do a conversion capable of 50/50. 50 miles 50mph.

My first EV was a riding lawnmower which I equipped with rebuilt batteries. They did not perform well and I soon bought new ones. The difference for me was dramatic, but you may have better luck. I got mine from Taylor-Blackburn in Indianapolis, In.

Thanks for the response
The recycled batteries Im referring to are something thats advertised on the net from a guy thats done a conversion. He wants money to show you how. Ive got a feeling its recycled laptop batteries or something like that not lead /acid.
According to our calcs we would need about 4000 of the C cell type.I think these 2 cars are ideal but the 66 Corvair is an auto trans and I fear the same as poster above.
I dont think these pumps will work. Perhaps and external pump like what the Towed cars use?

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Corvair rear pump

Post was for 60 Corvair
The project car we are looking at is a 66 Corvair and my buddy says it has a rear drive pump. We think the 60 may be set up the same way,which means it doesnt need a circulation pump to keep lubrication going.
I think that a manual valve body will work as it just a 2 speed auto.
What I dont know is how it will act if its put in “D” and you come to a stop.

The only reason for a torque converter is so the ICE can continue running while the car is not moving, a function performed by depressing the clutch on a manual car. Otherwise when the car stops moving, the engine will also have to stop moving. Being an electric motor is only trying to move when the “gas” pedal is pushed and will freewheel (or regenerate depending on what is used) when no power is applied, it will come to a stop and do nothing. On this car, I’d just bolt the electric motor output shaft to the transmission input shaft directly, and the transmission will work fine. Since the transmission was designed to operate with the pump on the trans output shaft, the transmission won’t know or care that the ICE was replaced with an electric motor.

On a Corvair it actually it has 2 pumps fore and aft

Looking into options of the Fiero and using an automatic
anyone done one of these?

Yes the torque converter is a fluid coupling.

May be, in the early 60s they were still trying to find the best design for the transmissions. There are powerglides out there that are rear pump only though.

[QUOTE=Telco;2885]May be, in the early 60s they were still trying to find the best design for the transmissions. There are powerglides out there that are rear pump only though.[/QUOTE]

I dont under stand how it would work like that ,maybe I m missing something.
Rear pump is driven off the output shaft meaning it has to be moving to create pressure.Front pump is driven off the engine via converter