EV Driver Jailed After Taking 5 Cents Worth of Electric

A Nissan Leaf driver was jailed after taking 5 cents worth of electric (20 min) from a local school he plugged into while watching his kids play sports there.

Colossal waste of public money or justice served… you decide.

Driver Jailed After Taking Nickel’s Worth of Electricity - Cops say he plugged into school’s juice without permission

OMG! I work for a northern California school district. I would never plug in at the school. They are so cheap that they will charge you for using a personal heater in the class room even though they only heat the room to 68 degrees. What a waste of money to arrest the guy. They should have given the guy a minor infraction ticket at the most. This is the kind of stuff that gives GA a reputation of being a bunch of toothless bumpkins. After all we Californians are just crazy. Barry.

Yes I agree it’s a waste of tax payers money. But from what I understand the leaf owner was told NOT to do what he was doing by police earlyer in the week .
Hey charge stations are for Charging your car,random outlets on the side of the road are not for charging your car. Electric car owners need to not Pirate power and get it where your suposed to.

Why not campaign for a charge station at your locL park instead of just plugging into a random 110 outlet

Throw the guy in jail. He must think he is better than any one else. In my town the only recharge station open to the public is at the Sierra Nevada Beer Brewery. And they don’t charge. I tried to get Costco to install one at the local store when they were rebuilding, but they ignored me. They do advertise that they do have some at some of their stores. Barry