EV drag race project from worlds end

I want to be one of the first in NZ to build an EV drag car, and found a super 7 replica to be probably the most cost affective platform to start from, but I need some input from people who know what they are doing!

Goal: short sprints, less than 10miles on a charge is required
Budget: not much, just kidding, maybe US$10,000
Platform: Lotus Super 7 replica, est 800lb without motors or batteries

My ideas so far:
Using a Lotus Super 7 for the body, I can change the guards and windshield to much more streamlined versions, even making a cover for the passenger side in the old Can-Am style.
Use a powerglide trans as a transmission as its only 90lb, but is effecient and has reverse!
Maybe start off with a single Advanced DC #FB1-4001 (100hp @ 144v) motor, but with a view to use 2 of them if it was too slow for me - I think thats the one Maniac Mazda uses, although pretty sure they use 2 of them!
Use toyota prius batteries as they are easy to obtain and relatively light weight, which can be housed in the boot to get some more weight over the back wheels (lol)
I was looking at a Zila controller, but don’t know what I need to connect it up, but thats probably the least of my worries!

Your thoughts?

This fellow uses a 36V forklift motor, runs the quarter mile in 7.55 seconds at 180 mph with a street legal Chevrolet S10 pickup truck, which is about the same as a Holden Rodeo. This fast enough for ya?

check out this guy. He has made one of the best EV drag cars I have every scene. I also do not think prius batteries will be able to withstand a 1000 A current for 10 seconds… I would do with exide orbitals.

Ha, had a closer look at the engine bay, and I dunno if 2 motors will fit! As for the batteries, I think I will use AGM after doing a bit of reading!