EV Conversion Parts List?

Does anyone have a list or spreadsheet of all of the parts that were used in their conversion? I’m planning to place my order (between a few different vendors) on Monday and I really want to make sure that I have everything that I’ll need included. I know that there will be small items like small gauge wire and wire ties etc.

I’m converting a BMW 318i (already acquired) and plan on a 144V system, I’m still trying to decide on battery type but thats a topic for another discussion.

Here’s my list at the moment:

FB1-4001A Advanced DC Motor
PB-6 Curtis Potbox
2 Albright Contactors SW-200
Logisystems 144AFX 120V-144V 750Amp

QuickCharge 144V Select A Charger 20A
DC-DC Converter 45a IOTA DLS
Battery Terminal Protective Covers (R&B)
2/0 lugs - Magna lug (32 straight + 6 90 degree)
Relay Interlock
50 ft 2/0 Cable - 25 ft Black, 25 ft Red,

60-160 V Voltmeter
0-400 Amp Ammeter
50 mV Shunt

Littelfuse L25S-400
Littelfuse holder
KLK fuse & holder - 20 amps
Pair Anderson connectors SBX-350
Fuseholder (4) - Control Board
First Inertia Switch - Auto Shutoff (12V Sys)

Vacuum Pump (12V) & Switch

Ben in SC

Looks good you might want some anderson disconnects for your dc to dc converter and maybe another relay for you dc to dc converter so its only on when ignition is on. Pretty like my system. Batteries will be the toughy cause of weight. I’m packing allmost 1500 lbs with my 144v system.


Do I need another contactor for the DC/DC? Im going with 12V batteries because of space issues so my pack will only weigh 744lbs or so.


Not a contactor but something to switch it on and off with ignition switch. I used 2 Potter-Brumfield relays one for dc to dc converter and the other for the primary contactor so that they both only operate when ignition is on.

I’m using a relay interlock that will be able to handle all of those connections. It can be found here: http://ev-supply.com/pdfs/EVICCManual.pdf

What I do need is a main circuit breaker. Did you use one and if so what kind?


[QUOTE=ragee;3775]Not a contactor but something to switch it on and off with ignition switch. I used 2 Potter-Brumfield relays one for dc to dc converter and the other for the primary contactor so that they both only operate when ignition is on.[/QUOTE]

i though a contactor was a relay . whats the differance then.

A contactor is like a relay but is for high voltage and usualy had a pre-load resistor to keep from burning up the contacts.


I suppose it is I’m not an expert here I was thinking of contactors such as the primary and secondary. But it appears that he has already addressed the issues that I was thinking of.

That is a sweet looking interlock relay. Much nicer than what I am using.


How much did you spend on your adapter plate, coupler and motor mounts from EVA? My transmission input shaft is 1/4" from the face of my transmission and with the ADC 9" motor shaft being 2" I’m going to either need a really thick adapter or I’ll have to cut off the pilot shaft.

Thanks for your help,


my pilot was flush with end of bell housing. I cut off pilot and added a half inch aluminum spacer to adapter plate. Fit perfect. All together I think I have about 1k into adapter plate, coupler, spacer . motor mount and machine work.

so the 1/2 spacer didnt come with the adapter kit? 1k is alot of money!


No it all came as a package I spent around 850 for the whole adapter kit and about 150 with the local machinist drilling the holes and trimming the adapter plate.

I went ahead and bought their adapter kit as much as it hurt. I did skip the rear strap mount as I think I can make it prety easily. Now to get this stuff in my hands!


Telnetmanta ,

I think I paid too much for my kit but EVA has been very helpful with questions and I had to learn the process and components. The next time I will probably seek out the components myself and build it but it will be much easier with one under my belt so to speak.

All and All I am glad I took the plunge and did one because I really want to voice my displeasure with big oil and big car companys that they really need to get with the program. They are NOT gonna milk me anymore.

Anyways I think you are on the right path make sure and post your rig here and the progress as you go cause people are watching.

  1. Bad choice in a DC-DC converter
  2. 4001 is too small for that car, go with Netgain 9
  3. Charger may be OK if you use Li-ion with a BMS
  4. Need a J1772 plug in gas door and a 5-30 under the hood in parallel for charging.
  5. Go with the CANEV adapter plate and clutch type coupler.
  6. Need SOC meter so you know how much fuel you have.
  7. Change all the lights to LED and headlights to Halagon
    This was intended to tell you you need to work with someone who has done many to avoid costly mistakes that most of us have made at one time or another.