Error code -11

Recently, I’ve been getting a -11 code while driving. I let off on the accelerator and it clears. It’s happened a few times on my recent 8 mile round trips to town. I know what the -11 code is but why would it occur while driving? Anyone run in to this while driving?

For those of you that may not be familiar with the -11 it means the accelerator is pressed and held before the key is turned on. I assume that is to prevent the GEM from lurching forward when the key is turned on to prevent smashing through the garage door. :lol:

Thanks for your time.


Thanks for the quick reply, I’ll check out the throttle control module.

Well I’ve driven the GEM everyday since the original failure with no further occurrences. I think the control module copper strips burnished themselves. The car sat for about 6 months without being driven and the strips may have just gotten dirty/corroded and driving it cleaned it up. If it crops up again, I’ll have to look at the module.

Thanks everyone for your time and response.