Error 11

Hello I am getting error 11 while driving?? all I have to do is let off the accelerator & go again?? does the pedal need cleaned?? a new pot maybe?? any ideas?? THANKS IN ADVANCE chuck

Here is code 11- [B]accelerator pedal stuck safety lock out. Check for debris or floor mat lodged under pedal.[/B]

Here is a complete list -

Hi & thanks BUT

I can be going 22MPH & it just kicks out???(shows code 11) let up & go again sometimes have to stop & start again???

Sounds like a loose connection. I would check all the wires related to the pedal for loose connections or damaged wires.


Always open the big master switch or support the front wheels off the ground with jack stands before working on the throttle or its wiring. There is a danger run away.