Electric Evette Challenge!

Hi, Been driving the electric EVette around the neighborhood by computer for a while now, fascinating. The car already drives better than I do!

Hi, The silence here is deafening. Well, I havent upset anyone for a while with this one, so here goes. I dont think a conventional car can stay within ten feet of the electric EVette, for ten seconds on a city street, without braking the law .Thats my 10, 10 challenge. Loser buys lunch. Nobody has ever even tried to win that one. I guess nobody is hungry. I live in Okeechobee Fla. Im here all the time. Looks like all talk,and no action. I guess I`ll never get that free lunch.

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Hi, I have watched people protesting against big oil companys for decades, and nothing much has changed. All I see is people talking. Either you beat big oil, or they beat you, and right now they are beating you senseless! So, what if there was an electric car that could out maneuver a gas car, that could go the distance, carry a load, and most of all was inexpensive so people could actually afford one. Would you know it if you saw it. I think not.

Sounds like a sucker bet to me. LOL Electric motor has a power curve which has about 5 times faster torque than ignition engines per HP from 0-1850 RPM. I can beat just about car off the line up to 20 MPH in my GEM. I think you should continue your research and refinement of your car, it does have great potential. Remember there is no shortage of great ideas in this world, but a real shortage of money to fund them.

You are moving into "black box syndrome " area. Good example of this is vehicle air bag failures. The seat belt was invented to reduce vehicle deaths and was pushed by insurance companies. Then someone said “hay I have this great idea which is better than seat belts”, thus the air bag was born. Next issue was how many air bags does it take to protect you, hence we still have seat belts. Do you have any idea how many people had flash burns from air bags before the law suits over ignition switch and charge canister failures? Computers and Electronics became the holy grail, and more and more “safety functions” were added to the ignition switch. When ignition switches failed so did safety systems. So goes your drive-by-wire, which creates more problems than it solves. I know I have been working on design standards for same for many years. Concept is great, but will have failures.

Check out kilowattlabs.com This is the company with part of the solution to creating the perfect ICE defeating EV. The other part is Regeneration. Check out the bike that charges on Youtube. :slight_smile: