Unique electric car

The electric EVette is now a self driving car. I just push a few buttons and go. No more goofy steering wheel, foot pedals, or gear shifter. What a relief!

The self driving electric EVette is on u-tube at evelectric. It shows the car driving its self down the road, then making a u-turn, and then going the other way. Watch the u-turn it only takes a second to do. Impossible for a conventional car to do.:smiley:

The computer never sleeps, drinks,or take drugs, and its extremely accurate. The number of people killed and injured in driving accidents each year is heart braking, and unnecessary with an autonomous car. Also, there are millions of people who can`t even drive a car,but want their independence. The electric EVette is now a self driving car:D

Hi, All systems up and running on the electric EVette. PLC, high speed counter, laser distance finder, PC soft ware, curtis chopper, and computer interface buttons. programing my brains out. Having way to much fun!
This car does some amazing things.:smiley:

Hi, To make a U turn on a city street in a conventional car is a three point turn. Also, it will take time to do, be a little tricky, and even a little dangerous. Not good. Why not just push a button and the computer
turns the car around . Done. THE electric EVette does!

I am a student at Cranfield University, UK. For a group project we have to conduct a market research on electric cars. To do that we did a survey to understand tire purchasing habits. I can’t post the link now since I’m new on the forum but hope I could do it soon.

All the answers will be kept confidential and use only as part of our course assignment. We really target to understand the habits of your community that’s why I am posting here. Hope I’ll find some help here

I’m available to answer any questions about my assignment.
Thank you

Hi Sharon, What would you like to know?

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