Electric Chain Saws (Battery Operated)

New here. Love the possiblity of going electric. However, I am an arborist, so I use chainsaws all day every day. And my best chainsaw is a two stroke blue smoke spewing beast. When I am 40 feet above someones lawn, I don’t need to be worring about a cord or battery. Having a full tank is trouble enough.
If electric cars are as workable as gas ones, why are electric chainsaws so absolutely useless?[/QUOTE]
Well - I can certainly appreciate your challenge - and a power cord dangling down is about as much help as a rope on a safety belt that is hooked on a cloud!

How about this - how long are you needing to be up that ladder at a time at present? What is your intended run Time? How big is the Chain Saw Motor? What Hp?

Basically - let’s break this down into it’s elements: Can an Electric Chain Saw be made? Yes! Can it run as long as you need it to on one charge? Maybe not? Would it’s Run Time depend on the Batteries Chosen? yes it would! How much power would you need to power an electric motor at full tilt to do the same Job?

I don’t know - but I found with a quick search - the Husqvarna 316E Electric that is a 14" corded model, Safe - with a stop time of under one second!, 1600 watts load on 110 Volts (~ 14.5 Amps), and weighs 9.7 lbs.

Yardworks Chainsaws at Canadian Tire that are also Corded Models. The Yardworks 7.5A 2-in-1 Electric Chainsaw and Polesaw (Product #54-5734-6) puts out 1.5 Hp but is a 10" Chainsaw (no Weight listed).

From Canadian tire - I see a 16" Poulan 34CC Gas Chainsaw that weighs in at 17 lbs (Product #54-5724-0), so I would say - that would be about the weight limit you would want, as a starting target. ( I mean - you are 40 feet up - if you drop the silly thing - watch out below anyway!)

I think to even begin this discussion - we would like to know what you are currently using, and how much power it has, what it weighs, and how long at a time you run it?

Canadian Tire Also lists a Yardworks 20V (6Ah) 6" Lithium Iron Pole Saw (Product #54-5701-4) but again no weight is listed. (canadiantire dot ca)

You could probably build an Electric Chain Saw - using the 8 Ah Headway Cells that can put out 160 Amps, or if you wanted longer run time, using the 16 Ah headway Cells that can also put out 160 Amps. Now you need to pick a motor power and voltage for the job.

If 10 minutes up a ladder is fine (1/6th of an hour) - any battery pack that can put out 10C can run full tilt for 12 minutes then, and you could swap it out in 10 minutes for a charged pack.

I think - If you solve the weight an power issues, the fact that it is so clean, will compensate you and your health for the few extra trips up a ladder soon enough!