Electric car maintenance versus gasoline cars

Is the below information correct?

Electric cars are, mechanically speaking, much more simple than cars that utilize an internal combustion engine. In a regular gas or diesel engine, there are hundreds of moving parts. Any of these can fail, and many need regular service to operate properly such as oil changes. Electric car engines are a much more simple in design.

Do Electric Operated Motors Last Longer than Gasoline Engines?

In general, you will find that battery operated motors may last far longer than standard gasoline motors. The reason, quite frankly, is that there are fewer moving parts. Essentially, each wheel is a huge magnet spinning inside a rather large coil generating electricity. There are very few parts to that.

Are Electric Car Repairs Much Higher than Gas Power Car Repairs?

You’re considering an electric car, but you’re curious about the difference in prices with electric car repairs. General maintenance type repairs, such as brake jobs, tire replacement and tire rotations shouldn’t cost much more than they would with a regular car. However, there aren’t going to be any qualified technicians outside of specialized dealerships to work on the complicated and expensive electrical motors, speed controllers and battery systems. If something goes wrong in one of these systems, you will end up paying more for a similar amount of time spent in the repair shop.

If you charge your car battery to 85 percent continually can you expect it to not diminish the charge capacity much in four years?

Also, what about electric car suspension costs? Are these higher or the same as gasoline cars?

Does anyone also know if the anti-collision system can be removed from the Nissan Leaf? If I were to buy one of these cars I would not want an anti-collision system in the car.

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What you wrote up there is true! There are A LOT less moving parts, therefore less parts that need to be maintained. No oil change, gas, engine repairs, etc. You just basically need to maintain the battery and the tires.

Most suspension systems are the same so they depend on the manufacturer and the actual car. Some cars just tend to have better suspension systems than others. I haven’t yet heard of problems with suspension in electric vehicles.

I read your post with interest and you are correct when you say that electric vehicles have far fewer moving parts compared to their gasoline counterparts. As a consequence there are fewer components which can go “wrong” although one thing to bear in mind is the fact that servicing and repairing an electric vehicle is not the same as servicing and repairing a gasoline vehicle. The mechanic will need very different qualifications and not all areas of the world have sufficient people qualified to do this. As a consequence the cost of servicing and repairing an electric vehicle can vary enormously depending upon the availability of the skills required.