GEM and Miles Car Maintenance


I work at a public park in New York City where we currently have 4 GEM electric cars and 2 Miles electric cars in operation. Unfortunately, however, they need maintenance every so often and noone on site is really capable of doing it on their own.

Does anyone have any information about companies which can service GEM and Miles electric cars in the NYC area?

Thank you,

Jared Valentin
Turner Construction Company

Contact Jim and Cathy Greene for Miles repairs (they will do the GEM’s as well) located on Long Island.

JC Electronics
(800) 287-0221


I assume you did the 100K mileage. Just keep changing the oil and following the maintenance schedule of new car. If you didn’t do the timing belt, get it and the water pump done now. Water pump is in the same place so you have a good opportunity to change it inexpensively.The Prism is the same car as the Corolla which is a wonderful vehicle. Look to get 400K out of it!

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I’ve taken a recent hobby of cars, and I love just looking them up, their specs, etc. I at first really wanted a used BMW 330ci, and part of me still does, but I remind myself that it’s too powerful a car, and that repairs and maintenance would be through the roof. I looked elsewhere for a car with looks, performance, safety, reliability, a great interior, and I think I stumbled upon this little gem, the Lexus IS300. I think I just fell in love with the car. It’s as if the car is already customized, but it’s standard, like the cool rear headlights, and the awesome rims. I also read that it’s rated as one of the most reliable cars ever, lasting upto 250,000 miles if treated like a baby.

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Hi jvalntn,
I search some site, But I enable to found the absolute sites. In that one more site has been found jest you can check this & look what will result get?
Neighborhood Electric Vehicles -

Pickup trucks for sale | Fleetwood Rvs

This place was great! I came in late one day to see how long before I could bring my car in for this clunking noise it was making when I turned and they said I could bring it early in the morning and they would keep it all day for me (big plus since I work in the area and this kept me from having to move my car from parking spot to parking spot that day).

They do charge a $125 fee to even look at your problem though, but they say they will put this money toward fixing your car. My problem was cheap a few loose bolts, but since I had to get my oil changed they only charged me for those services, which was under $125 - bending the rules a little :), which I like - they know how to make a customer happy and keep them rather than sticking to bureaucratic nonsense. ..

They also did a great job, fixed the clunking AND detailed and washed my DIRTY car. I come from a family of car dealers so anytime there is something wrong I always call our service manager and discuss it with him before I let anyone touch my car. They got the problem right, didn’t find “new problems” and didn’t overcharge, even used the right products.

The only reason I didn’t give them 5 stars is because I asked them to call me and give me a quote before making the repair and they went ahead and repaired it without asking. I guess they figured that I’d have to pay $125 anyone for them to look at it and they might as well charge me less and repair it, but the requested phone call would have been appreciated.

I think that you must have to go for the local dealer of EV to search for the best and well known service provider for you. You will surly get a good help from them.