Efficiency of my conversion

I converted my 1937 pu to a 144v dc system.
I was curious how much less drag a new vehicle has.
My truck draws about 100 amps at 35mph and 150 amps at 45mph on flat terrain.
I would appriciate any comparison numbers you might have and what vehicle it is from.


My 924 Porsche (3160#) draws 100A and 80V @ 35mph.
By the way, I have LRR Nokian tires which ride like brick bats but the car will coast over 1/4 mi from 30mph tommyt

Thanks for the reply.
I had a feeling I was fighting forces.
I think that I am going to have to look into some lower rolling resistant tires.
My truck is almost stock right now, including tube tires. It is a fun work in progress.

I’m afraid I can’t be much help. There isn’t a 100 yards of flat anything anywhere around here. My 1999 S10 pickup sees numbers quite a bit higher half the time. (The other half they are close to nothing.)

'37 pickup sounds cool!

Michelin tyres claim a 25% less rolling resistance form their silicone based compound.

May be worth a look.