E825 fribnt battery compartment

Could someone please post a picture of the front battery compartment of a E 825. Mine is a 2002. I have a question on wiring.
Thank you s0o much:)

red cable goes on the positive on the battery closest to the dash.passenger side

black cable goes on the negative of the front battery passenger side

conector cable ties both batteries together driver side.

Thank you for the response. There are also 2 small wires that go into a very small terminal box that has what appears to be a connector to a battery terminal. Does yours have any connections to the battery terminals other than the larger battery wires?
Thank you.

Only power cables

Previous owner might have had a radio connected.

my 02 also has a thermal sensor that comes from the charger, appears to have been attached to the top battery monitoring temperature when charging?

You don’t have to use it but you can hook it up to any terminal.