2003 e825 wiring problems

new to forum looking for help with finding wiring prints

PM me your email, I will send it to you.

Mike, might I also get a copy of those prints/ 2003 E825 QuicQ charger pre dc board recall.
hotmech@2-mail.com Kerry. Thank you.

@hotmech - I am not sure what prints your are looking for?

Sounds like he wants wiring diagram for an early car and before DC Converter Recall Update.
I can send that.

Hey everybody, I really could use somebody’s help. I bought a 2004 GEM 825, really have had a lot of wiring problems I have pretty much replaced about everything as while going through another pass to make sure everything is connected right, I noticed a white wire missing on this harness. Does anybody have any idea where this white wire would connect to? There are only two wires on it and they are green and white.

I have 76v and the contactor, but only have 48 volts going to the DC/DC converter.

The following is all new:



DC/DC converter

Brake switch

Key switch

Motor controller


I’m in Oahua, HI and there are no service places here at all. Any help is appreciated!
Harness 2