Looking for schematics for 2000-2004 E825

Hi All!

I’m looking to dive into the schematics of the earlier gems, I have a 2001 x2, 2002, and 2003.

Anyone know where I could find the originals?

Thank you!

What is you email addr?
I don’t remember if you have the DC Converter/Wiring update?


Ahayes488@gmail.com is my email.

As always, much thanks!

I’m new to GEM. I have a 2000 e825 2 seater with agm batteries. It appears to be stock. I would appreciate a copy of the schematics to begin my journey.
e-mail tx2barron@gmail.com THANKS!

Hey there, I recently purchased a 2002 E825, it’s been sitting for 5 years and has had previous work done, looking for a copy of the schematics to get this thing going. This one does have the updated DCDC (sealed unit)

It’s missing the onboard charger, I’m using an external charger for now, but need to figure out how the key switch interlock circuit works to allow the DCDC to kick in without the charger inline.

Appreciate the help!


Ok, files on the way in a moment.
The Gen1 (00-04) wiring diagram gets a little tricky when you are tracking down the Key/interlock loop wire. Since your car has the wiring update you will need to overlay the second document and it’s changes.

Since your charger is missing, you should be looking for a Red/Gr wire and a Gr wire floating around in the area. These wires needed to be attached together to complete the loop.

Make sure you have the correct green wire. The nature of the interlock wire changed for the update.

  • Pre-update: This wire was B- and the wire went up to the controller.
  • Post-update: This wire changed to +12v and now runs over to the keyed relays over on the Pass side.