2004 825 Electrical issues

Hey everybody, I really could use somebody’s help. I bought a 2004 GEM 825, really have had a lot of wiring problems I have pretty much replaced about everything as while going through another pass to make sure everything is connected right, I noticed a white wire missing on this harness. Does anybody have any idea where this white wire would connect to? There are only two wires on it and they are green and white.

I have 76v and the contactor, but only have 48 volts going to the DC/DC converter. The console has no power!

The following is all new:



DC/DC converter

Brake switch

Key switch

Motor controller


I’m in Oahua, HI and there are no service places here at all. Any help is appreciated!

Hmmmm… OK.
First- to avoid tons of confusion, don’t double post. Information gets lost and double repeated at the same time, dogs and cats start sleeping together and you could tear a hole in Space/Time and NOBODY gets anything done.

You did good when you started your own thread here, but also tacked on to that other post. This is Ok when related (somewhat) and you have something to add, but if you want monuments to be all about you and your unique issue today, It is best to start your own thread like you did here. (go delete that other one pronto before someone else tacks onto it)

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Second- You need to be REALLY careful when freestyle rewiring on these cars (especially the Gen1 00-04). Wire colors change identities faster than this alphabet generation trying to decide on the next protest of the week.

The same goes for measuring/tracing voltage. Since there are two isolated systems you need to pay attention to the Reference(where the black meter lead goes). If you get a bad reading, change your reference point and see if it makes more sense.

12v dc is referenced on the frame.
72v (B+) is Always ref to a B- source. You can find that on the last/first battery in the chain, or the NEG post on the controller.

When this car had the update performed a handful of wires were switched around.

I see you had quite tle list of replaced items.

That white/green wire pair SHOULD have been the B+ and B- supply used for input to your DC Converter. I have no idea why the white wire was cut. It is possible you cut that wire?

If you have an odd V going to your DC Converter, Follow the wires to see where it is getting it’s power from. Hopefully it is not tied to the frame.