E4 battery connection configuration

Hello. Thanks for helping. I’ve had a Gem for a bit and really only use it to tool around the neighborhood with the kids. I put in a R4F Motor upgrade and a new pedal. That’s about it.

It needed batteries as the AGM’s in it were done. I thought it might be the charger but pulled a battery out and tried to individually charge it and no luck. Was gonna put in lithium (and still may) but am out of time. Thus I wasted the money for 6 new interstate batteries.

Tomorrow is Halloween and I use the car to tow the kids around the neighborhood, thus I justified the fun vs. cost.

Issue here is I noticed that when I went to change out the batteries, it seemed the assembly was missing a jumper. In the pics you can see the negative wire coming from the front hit the four batts under the rear seat and then the jumpers come across the run. But the last battery on the passenger side never jumped to the rear two batteries. Then you can see in the rear that it was simply those two batteries in series with the positive main wire running to the front of the machine. This can’t be correct, right?

Am I missing a jumper from the last positive terminal on the bank in the front to the negative terminal on the two in back?

Hard to tell from the pictures, but I think the answer is yes.
This picture might help:

It doesn’t really matter how these things are arranged but at least do it in such a way that all the cables fit. Yes- it looks like you are missing a cable.

Start by locating both cables that come from the front. They might even still be marked where they go. Keep all your batteries jumped + to - . The only exception is where the fuse is positioned between 4 & 5 IIRC.