2007 E6 Battery Wiring Layout

Hi, I just got a 2007 E6. The batteries were fairly new, but dead, dead, dead. I took them all out to clean out the battery tray. I thought that I had a handle on how they all went back in and the wires connecting them all. Evidently, I didn’t take a key photo! Does anyone have a photo of how the wires all go. The smaller ones that connect the batteries I can manage, there are a couple of longer cables that come in from the passenger side that I am unsure about. Photos or wiring diagram would be greatly appreciated.

New motor, new charger, new batteries, as of 2 years ago. 2700 total miles. Prior owner said that he was having a hard time getting it to run correctly. Hopefully it is an easy fix…thanks Felipe

Okay, I got a wiring diagram, but for the life of me, I can’t figure it all out. Does anyone happen to have some photos of the battery compartment on an E6, six batteries under the rear seat and rear fender area? I need to know where the four cables coming off of the passenger side frame attach, two red and two black ends. I want to see if this car will run. Batteries are charged, I just need to connect up the cables. thanks Phil

I have a diagram and will post it Thursday when I get near it

This is the battery lay out under the rear seat
And flat bed total of 6 batterys back here

Another shot

These are the 3 batterys under the 2nd row.

thank you. That is a little different set up than mine has. I will take some photos and post. I got mine hooked up, runs slowly and not for very far…

Is your E6 running 6 12vt batterys or 9 8 volt batterys. Here is the set up for 9- 8volt

thank you all for the replies. I got the batteries all loaded and wired up. Car works well for about 2 miles…then turtle mode and then dead…After charging, all batteries showed a good charge. The battery meter went from full to 90% then, after about 2 miles of driving to 10% red…and turtle mode. I tested the batteries again when I got home, 4 of the six were still showing voltage in the 12.25 plus range, the other two were in the 10.75 range. for reference, they were the two batteries on the far back, passenger side and center. They are the oem style gel batteries. They are two years old, but were not regularly used or charged. Do you think that they are all bad or can I get by with just replacing the two that are showing the lowest voltage. thanks Phil

Replace the 2 bad ones.

Here is the set up in my car. Phil

And another angle

The photos on this thread are gone so I made a video showing the layout on my 2011 E6 Shuttle.

Battery layout

I know it’s been a while but thanks for posting this, replacing batteries in my 2013 e6 tomorrow and this helps tremendously.

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