2007 e6

just picked up a 2007 e6 it has 9 8 volt batteries i want to use 6 12 volt batteries instead i need to find out where to get the battery scamatics cant find anywhere thanks 845 591 4974

It’s not that complicated. Each cable has b1 through b9 and positive or negative labeled on them. You will only be using B1 through B6 so the one marked B9 + is actually going to be on B6 +. Everything else up to B6 is the same as for 9 8-volt batteries.

Why on earth would you switch to 6 12-volt batteries? The 8-volt batteries last a lot longer per charge and thus total lifetime is also longer.

I’m trying to go the other way and fit 9 8volt in my E2.

There’s no room in an E2 for the 9 (8 volt) batteries. You could remove the spat and extend the area where you can put batteries but it’ll look pretty funny with an extra hump of batteries sticking off the rear. The eL was designed to hold extra batteries under the front of the bed. No so, the E2.

I don’t see a good way either. Oh well it was just a thought.