2013 Gem e6 gel or deep cycle battery?

Good morning from a new e6 owner. Purchasing on Thursday and it is without batteries. I have read threads here and talking with the seller and it appears I would be able to run either the original gel batteries or a deep cycle 8v battery (Interstate).

If I go with the deep cycle 8v Interstate battery, what, if anything needs to be changed on the e6 for charging deep cycle vs gel battery?


If you switch to the 8v lead acid batteries, you will need to switch the charger to setting 13. I would also suggest if going with lead acid batteries to check out the 8v batteries from Sam’s club, they are Duracell brand made by Deka and are the best batteries you can get behind Trojan batteries. I paid about $1000 for my 9 8v batteries a few years ago. Also something to think about is keeping the batteries topped off with water. I have an 08 elXD and its a 2 hour pain in the butt to take the batteries out every 2-3 months to top them off, it might be easier with the e6 though. My batteries are under the pickup bed.

Derrick – 2~3 hours!!! Good lord!!! Have you looked into one of those watering systems for your cart? It has a bunch of replacement caps connected with a common hose and a squeeze bulb. The caps have little floats that shut off when the cell is full. The loose end goes into a bottle of distilled water and you just squeeze until the batteries are topped off. They may not have a kit specific to your battery config (9 groups of 4 and how do your caps attach?) but I’d be looking hard and maybe get a couple close enough and patch it together. It’s a real time saver.

OTOH- seeing as how you are going through full inspection every 3 months, you probably have the cleanest battery box in the group and I bet your terminals and connections are always stellar. And your arms must be like Popeyes’.

I’ve looked for watering systems but I haven’t been able to find any that say they work with deka batteries.