Hello everyone!

Hey I’m new to this forum. I’m hoping to get some help to a few questions on batteries. I just purchased a 2008 Gem e2 that needs new batteries. This unit takes the 12 volt deep cycle gel batteries part number 0606-00364. I was told by the dealership that I have to replace the old batteries with the same type of batteries. I have found some Trojan gel batteries with a part number of 30xhs-wnt. Will these work?

Yes also price out DEKA’s

Thank you for your response! Sorry I have not gotten back with you sooner. My concern was with the charging mechanism. Apparently, only gels can be used otherwise the charger had to be recalibrated due to some special algorithm that it uses to charge gels. I checked out Dekas and found some hells for &248 each. I also found some Trojans 30 xhs for $ 208. I think that is as low as I am going to find.

Different TYPE batteries require the charger algorithm (program)to be set to the cells that are installed in the cart.

GEL are original equipment

Flooded are the normal alternate and range in cost from $624 to $1160 a set

AGM are the current practical alternative and are priced between FLOODED and GEL

Normal cost to change algorithm (program ) in charger id about $50 in my area.