Hello from Atlanta. Should I install new batteries before selling?

Hello all from Atlanta!
My grandmother has tasked me with selling her 2005 G2. It’s not in bad shape but the batteries are original.
My question is should I replace the batteries before I try and sell it or leave it as is? You can drive the cart just fine there just isn’t any real “go” available.
I have the knowledge (aircraft mechanic for 31 years) and a good source for the batteries. So is it better to say “With NEW batteries” as opposed to “Will need new batterie”?
Sincerely, Dave.

Suggest new batteries. MAKE SURE they are at LEAST.t size 31 DEEP CYCLE and you MUST change the charger Algorithm to the type batteries you install. I REPEAT MUST CHANGE ALGORITHM TO FIT TYPE OF BATTERY. 31DCM OR 31DCMJ are $96 each at Orilleys Plus 10% off for veterans… Thse are flooded and charger needs to be set to #13

Thanks so much for the super quick reply!
I just took one of the batteries out. It’s a Deka Dominator Gel Extreme Deep Cycle 8G31DTM.
Sincerely, Dave.

Be very careful when you do this. When you get it done and take it for a test drive you may get addicted and decide to not let the car go!!!

Mom will come after you!

Take old houseboater words as the best advise you can find on GEM cars.

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Just wanting to verify…
The algorithm that’s on the Delta Q is a 14.
Is that the correct one for Deka Dominator Gel Extreme Deep Cycle 8G31DTM’s?
I just looked through my grandmothers paperwork and the batteries were changed in 2015 from what kind of battery I do not know. The 8G31DTM was what I removed.
I’ve installed 6 new 31DCM’s from O’rielly’s as per Old_Houseboater’s suggestion.
Just curious about the algorithm #14.

Once again, just wanting to verify that I need to change it to #13 for the 31DCM’s?
FWIW, I do take Old_Houseboater’s word as gospel. I’ve seen him all over this forum helping. I wish there were more like him on the other forums I frequent.
Thanks for all the help.
Sincerely, Dave.

Here’s what DeltaQ says for my charger. Other algorithms can sometimes be added depending on the model of charger.

Thanks Red.
I swear that’s the only chart I didn’t look at!
Sincerely, Dave.

Thanks everyone once again.
I have to say changing the charger algorithm was quite the pain in the keister.
Didn’t have any luck with any of the “tap” methods.
Finally got it to work when I did step 8 of the Algorithm Selection pdf found Here.
It specifically states right at the top that it’s for Pre-2005 Models but it was the only way I was able to get it changed.
Red, your chart was spot on. Was able to cycle right around back to 13.
Sincerely, Dave.

How did the new batteries do? About how many miles can you go or how long will they stay charged?

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How did the new batteries do? About how many miles can you go or how long will they stay charged?

How did the new batteries do? About how many miles can you go or how long will they stay charged?