E-ride exv4

I am looking at an e-ride exv4 and can’t seem to find out much about it on the net. Almost nothing…eBay, you tube, forums and such??
Are they any good?
Why nothing about them?
Stay away from them or are they as great as they look?

hi Mr Logan… I follow them on FB because they are neat looking cars… https://www.facebook.com/erideindustries … not that I’d give up my GEM car their website gives a phone number and says call for prices… the truck is a little big and heavy for what they say it can do mileage wise… maybe they have found a better battery… they have been around since 2003 when the took over a golf cart company… I’m a believer in a dealer network where I can have a face to face with someone about my car if I have a real problem… guess I’m saying do your homework and make cautious decisions in choosing a car


Thanks for the reply. I agree that they look great and I like the fact that they are beefy. I drive GEMs at work and they have the worst doors and mirrors and cheap switches. Perhaps the E-Ride will be better fit and finish?
I live in Alaska and don’t have the opportunity to go see one in person and we don’t have any dealers of any brand near me.

Mr Logan… I’m thinking that e-ride are geared to selling more to the government than to the general public… think you will have to contact the manufacture direct… another truck that seems to be a foreign market vehicle is the Mega… by Columbia PacCar… think they are big in England… I think made here in the states… they are located in WI
Mega - Columbia Parcar Corp.
I have soft doors on my GEM and am always adjusting them… I guess it’s the nature of the beast… the suspension of a ‘golf cart’ … I feel every bump in the road…

have you looked at this site… I watch the e-Bay auctions … although outdated it gives a history of what might be out there… Home Page… good luck in your search


Mr Logan… this looks like a new NEV on the market… although it’s an 09… think it may be a new dealer… again parts would be a major concern… to me

Other Makes : Other | eBay

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I saw those trucks in L.A. Last winter and they looked pretty good. I did not drive one tho.
That one that is still new and a 2009??? I wonder if it has 2009 batteries in it.
Mr. Logan.

Mr Logan… '09 batteries if maintained could last a few more years… even a new battery takes a hit in cold weather… I drive my GEM here in Denver on days that the temps are around 35 and I find that I get about 1/2 the range of a 70 degree day… I love driving the GEM and don’t care if it’s cold


Mr Logan… I found an e-Ride owner in AK… this was posted on facebook this morning… if it’s not you check your family tree… haha

Scott Logan

Photos of my 2008 EXV4 in the Historic Skagway Alaska. I wish everybody in town had one. I love this car

Scott Logan’s '08 EXV4

Yup that is me. I am now the owner of a 2008 E-Ride. It is a fun little car! I live in a tourist town and spend a lot of time talking about it.

good on you Scott… please keep the forum updated… maybe the Editor or someone in managment can make a place for the information and you’ll keep posting and sending more photos