Duralast Batteries from Auto Zone

I think I want to buy the Marine Deep Cycle Duralast batteries from Auto Zone. I believe they are group 24 and are 85 amp hours. Size 7 x 8 x 10 Lead Acid maintenance free. $70 bucks a pop local so no shipping

This will power my Mars ME0709 300 amp 125 amp continuous motor, with the Alltrax 7245 450 amp controller, 72 volt system, charged by the Zivan NG1 onboard charger

If this is a mistake you let me know.

Good thing I decided to buy just one to build some battery trays and see how it would fit. The battery is too large, too tall to be specific with the terminals sticking out of the top it is over 9 inches tall. It is also too heavy at 45 pounds. I could barely hang 4 batteries off of the bike without cutting up the frame. That’s 180 pounds just for a 48 volt sytem. I decided to punt on these batteries and I will return it to Auto Zone and try the Universal Power Group UB125000 ones next. I will upload pictures of the moch up with this battery on my website.


Marine batteries are overall not a good choice for EV’s as they are not true deep cycle batteries. They are hybrid crosses between a cranking battery and deep cycle. They do have thicker plates than cranking batteries, but not as thick and heavy as a true deep cycle design.

I hear you, and I am wondering if that is changing as at Auto Zone I saw three different deep cycle batteries, one was for starting, one was just deep cycle (that’s the one I bought) and the third was a hybrid for starting/deep cycle, maybe like what you are describing, not sure if they said “Marine” anywhere on them, maybe they are realizing there is a need for true deep cycle. Again I’m no expert, nor am I arguing with you, I am just stating an observation.

pictures of the moch up with the 85 amp hour Duralast batteries from Auto Zone Wattana - Moch I

[QUOTE=Gregski;6692] Again I’m no expert, nor am I arguing with you, I am just stating an observation.[/QUOTE]

I did not think you were arguing. :slight_smile: It is just that most batteries called Marine Deep Cycle are hybrids, and not a true deep cycle. Rather than me going through the drill [read this as it will explain](http://www.windsun.com/Batteries/Battery_FAQ.htm#Starting, Marine, and Deep-Cycle Batteries).

Two of the best true deep cycle batteries are made by Trojan and Surrette

I wont tell you to buy marine batteries they are some what between deep cycle and cranking battery .i will suggest you to buy surrette deep cycle batteries as i am using it from quite a few time and happy with its performance …

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I am also using for Duralast Gold batteries for my Acura 10 & it has also survived 180,000 miles of driving. Duralast is a Great battery. Atvs For Sale