New batteries needed

The 08 ES I just picked up needs batteries and I’ve searched but most of the battery threads are old. What is the latest info on cheap 31s? I will probably just go flooded deep cycle as this is just a yard truck for my wife.

All of these are the same US made East Penn Deka battery, just different house label.
O’Reilly Auto 31DCM for $96
Do not get the 31DCMJ. It’s a different manufacturer (Johnson Controls - Mexico fab) and a much lower grade battery.

Batteries Plus SLI31MDC $121

NAPA 8243 $143 (drop to about $112 on sale)

I’d suggest getting the batteries from Sam’s club if you or someone you know has a membership. The batteries are deka/eastern penn sold under the Duracell name they come with a better warranty than you will get from the auto parts store and usually cheaper.

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Orilleys $96 Plus 10% off if your a vet.

Funny you mention that as I just ordered them and got the Vet Discount. Cheapest group 31 anywhere by a lot.

I emailed Delta Q and asked if the current code 14 was correct and they said to program it to 13.

Thanks for the help.

What is the exact name and model number of the from from Sam’s I think I’m going to pick 6 up.

What DQ flooded profile do you use for the 31DCM?

I believe you want the Duracell 31DCX. A bonus, right now they are on sale for $79 each.

Depends on the model of your DQ 13 is the most common on older models

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Yea, not sure how old this one is, but it is programmable so not really old. I am switching a car back to lead from Lithium, So I need to pick a lead profile.

Google the model # of your DQ it will list the installed profiles early units had 13 later units had 5 for 105AH batteries.

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