Got me some new batteries!

Well with 10 months on the clock of my Wal-Mart Marine Batteries I was going to have to replace a second battery. I still have 8 months warranty and I know Wal-Mart would replace them under warranty at no cost but I’m getting too old to haul all the old batteries out every time one gave up the ghost. I got 1200 miles out of them. I checked around and it appears that Sam’s has the best deal. They have a GC12 which is a Deka branded under the Duracell name for $184 each. It is supposed to deliver 75 amps for 77 min. which is very good and they are glass matted to boot. 12 Mo. full exchange warranty. I bought 6 for less than $1200 and they will accept any battery for trade in. The batteries are taller and weight about 90 pounds and have quick openers for watering the cells. I had to take the parking brake assembly loose to get them in. Also the tie downs for the under the seat and under the hood had to be modified. The caps seal the cells so they can be tipped up on end with out spilling electrolyte. I have them charging so I will be curious how they perform.

Let us know the difference I’d be interested to hear about the difference in the performance of the batteries.

Keep us posted as to how they work for you. Being dedicated golf cart batts I bet they will have a good long life. East Penn is the maker of the Duracell 12v batts and Deka batts.

So far my first impression is that they don’t deliver any more current than the Everstart Marine batteries but I should be able to run them down to lower levels of charge. Since the batteries weight 90# each…I think the Everstarts were 60# …that’s allot more lead and acid they should b have way more capacity. (150 AH) I still would recommend the Everstarts for low useage.

Performance wise, it should be the same, but in terms of duration, and charge durration it should increase… but also so should recharge time…

my Deka batteries that I just put in are really strong… they are MK’s but look just like the ones that came out of my GEM in the first place… to day will be my first real test on my Battsix… I found that I had two wires crossed and in my haste to get my car ready to put back in the shop… remove doors and plate over battery so mechanic could get in quickly… I forgot to plug the car in… really… I never do that… with 15 miles on the last charge I went to the shop and we got the wires uncrossed… Battsix showing lots of charge as I trurned the key on… but in taking off from a stop they went to orange and after 3 miles they were showing… green… orange… and red as I drove… orange to red under full throttle and on hills… green coasting or at a stop… plugged in back in at 20 miles… the car will be ready to day

Awesome, let us know how everything goes :slight_smile:

You said the new batteries are “glass mat” which is also known as AGM. If your old batteries were flooded, the charger must be reset to use AGM. The charging profile is different.


I’m confused while Deka says these batteries have glass matt separators they are flooded and half of the electrolyte is not in the glass matts. No where on the exterior do they say AGM. The (speed cap)caps have no vents yet you do have to add water. They are Duracell GC12. So it appears to me that they should be treated as flooded batteries. If you can give me more info it would be appreciated.

I would suggest that you call Dekka’s technical support just to be sure. They have been helpful to us in the past. The name is a bit misleading.


East Penn answered back they are flooded cell!

How are your gc12 batteries holding up? I was thinking of these instead of trojans.