Driving WHILE charging?

Is there anyway to bypass the safety feature which prevents the GEM vehicle from driving while it is plugged in and charging?

I am converting a 2008 GEM el XD into a essentially a parade float and will have a 2000w generator on board to power lights and a sound system and I would like to use toalso charge the batteries while driving in order to extend its range.

Yes, connect green charger wire to B+ thru a fuse. Try 10-15 amps.

Can you please be more specific? Is this the green charger wire coming from the charger? Where is B+?

The green wire from the DQ charger supplies battery voltage that allows car to run.
When charger is connected to ac power this voltage goes away.
Car will not run.
Disconnect green wire from charger and tape it off.
Connect battery voltage (B+) to the Gem wire that was previously connected to green DQ wire.
To be safe use inline fuse.
B+ can be found under dash where battery + goes thru main switch. Connect after the switch so disconnect still works.

Thanks for the information! I’ll give it a try and let you know how it works out!

would like to hear how this works . charger puts out about 10 amps . at full speed your pulling over 100 amps so wont extend much . but at lows speeds your probably pulling 15 amps so it would help , but then again at slow parade speeds you probably could go 30 miles on a full charge, so how long is your parade ?

So to update you, it worked! I found the cables leading out of the charger unit and among them was a green wire that led up to the steeringwheel area. I disconnected it and taped up the end coming from the charger. I connected a wire (~72V) from the B+ port to the end that goes to the steeringwheel area and now the car can charge AND drive! Fantastic! Thanks for your help!

can you give us more detail ? when its charging and you accelerate hard or start slowing with regen going does it cause the DQ to fluctuate its charging ? have you done a range test ?

I hope ur still on here. I need to do this and finding help is impossible. Did this work out for u in the long run?

I need more information on doing this to my gem. Can u help me

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Did you see the above suggestion with the green wire? It is explained fairly well.
and -
Why do you feel the need to drive and charge at the same time? Are you doing a parade too?

I looked for green wire. There is 4 of them. I use the cart as a roaming ice cream truck and need more time off each charge. Plus didmt want to get stuck.