Add a generator while driving gem

I have 2 2014 em e2 short bed gem carts with short beds that i use for my ice cream truck business roaming the nieghborhoods. So generally speaking im always going slow with stopping. I need more run time out of my batteries and wanted to put a small 2000k generator on board to run while im driving to sustain the already fully charged batteries. But there is a saftey gem built in to not let u charge while driving. I found a few places that says this can be done but details were not enough. I need someone to walk me through this. I found way to many green wires. Also has anyone successfully done this? Will solar panels charge batteries while driving around? Or am i just stuck with u get what u get.

Green wire from charger. It will show 72v unless charger is plugged in.
I would suggest putting a battery with enough capacity.

I will pay someone to virtually show me how to do this

They connect to white charger wire under the dash. Green is in the same bundle from charger along with red and white.

Where are you located(roughly). Do you take these cars to a local mechanic when they have something more serious going wrong with them? Maybe this person is a better candidate for your hack/mod.

Otherwise- see if you can follow this…
Your charger is a big yellow box with black fins located under the hood. Look for a bundle of 4 wires coming out of one end of it. The green wire is one of these wires.
Cut that wire, tape off the end going back towards the charger. Splice a longer wire onto the other end and run it back to the power module/fuse block under the dash. Install a 10a fuse inline. You should be able to find 72v at big lug marked +72. Test it with a meter first. It is best to have it after the main disconnect switch and not before otherwise it will be live all the time.

(From another thread- Same thing said another way)

The green wire from the DQ charger supplies battery voltage that allows car to run.
When charger is connected to ac power this voltage goes away.
Car will not run.
Disconnect green wire from charger and tape it off.
Connect battery voltage (B+) to the Gem wire that was previously connected to green DQ wire.
To be safe use inline fuse.
B+ can be found under dash where battery + goes thru main switch. Connect after the switch so disconnect still works.<

What Inwo was trying to say(you might have missed) is that there are better ways to do what you are trying to do. Making your little car into a Hybrid by hanging a generator off the back is kinda defeating the purpose of having a full electric car to start with.

But you will obviously need help to get it all sorted out.

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