Gem Cart 2016 Charger


I have an 2016 electric gem cart. You know that when the cart is plug in it doesn’t let you run. It is possible to charge it while running, we plug it to a generator to charge it. Is there a way to disconnect something or do something that allows me to charge it while running?

New style 48v car?
Not easily done. I don’t recommend it.
Charge it using a stand alone charger is best.
Legacy Gems can have the interlock bypassed.

inwo – do you know how the 2016+ charging interlock works? I’m adding a 110VAC port* next to the J1772 port and I want the interlock to function when either or both are connected (in other words I want to introduce an AND logic circuit). I know the specific wires in the interlock circuit (I have the service manual) but I don’t know if the interlock is an Open, Closed, Ground, etc signal. And I know the 2016+ electronics are much fussier than per-2016 so I don’t want to experiment. Thanks.

*to charge an independent 12V battery + inverter circuit for an O2 concentrator.

I do know that interlock is not related to the a.c. input.
The j1772 is another variable though.
Why would you not use a $200 120v to j1772 adaptor cord.
Using 2 inputs will require a transfer switch or relay for safety.

The existing J1772 port is for the 3KW charger to the Brammo traction battery. After reviewing the tradeoffs, I chose to put the O2 concentrator on its own separate 12V battery + inverter system with its own separate charger connected to the new 110VAC port. Yes there are two cords plugged in for charging: J1772 port and 110VAC port. So I need to upgrade the interlock circuit to ensure both ports are disconnected before operation. A simple 110VAC relay should provide the additional interlock – I just need to know if I insert N-O or N-C or ??? contacts into the existing 3KW charger interlock circuit. If the pinout for Connector A (service manual page 8.96) is the same for the standard and 3KW chargers then I think the answer is N-O (pins D and E, dry contacts). According to Brammo BMC pinout (page 8.26), Pin 11 (Pink wire) is the +12V interlock from the charger Pin E when it is plugged in. The charger Pin D gets the +12V from the 5amp Constant fuse (Red wire). If my understanding is correct, I would add a second N-O circuit in parallel with two diodes to keep the two charger interlocks separate. A concern is any side effects (eg, instrument cluster readings) when the concentrator charger is plugged in and the 3KW charger isn’t. That is, does the interlock circuit perform more functions than charger interlock?

I agree an additional relay is required for the safety interlock.

It’s a NO contact. I don’t see a need for further isolation when paralleling dry contacts from the same 12v source.
Even using a dc output ssr should be fine.
Is the DQ connector available to connect the new interlock? Or is it used for the 3kw charger?
Does your new charger have aux. contacts for interlock?

gagullo13 – the interlock circuit can be defeated by cutting the Pink wire (pin E) from the Delta Q Signal connector on the charger. But inwo’s advice is excellent.

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