Driving Range Is A Problem

[B]As Electric Cars [/B] are being promoted as a way for [B]governments to limit the production of Carbon Dioxide [/B]and limit it’s release into the atmosphere that is the cause of Global Warming.

[B]General Motors [/B]has staked it’s future on the [B]Chevy [I]Volt [/I][/B] that will cost a reported $40,000. It is being criticised as “too expensive” for a compact car that can seat four adults and has a driving range of forty miles. GM marketing executives say that the average person drives less than forty miles a day going back-and-forth to school and work so that the limited range between recharging is acceptable.

Half of the cost of a “Plug-In Electric Car” is due to the [B]Lithium-Ion [/B]battery pack (a multi celled version of the one in your laptop.) The delay in in the development of more efficient batteries has been the reason that Electric Cars have not been widely available in the past.

Now there are a dozen companies that are working on developing batteries that recharge faster and can deliver more power between charges. Some of the money for that research and development has been provided by governments that realise that the automotive industry will benefit if it can improve battery performance and deliver a longer-range Electric Car.

There are several companies that are taking different approaches to recharging the Electric Car, Click Link: Electric Cars Will Soon Be Rolling | Communati.com