What is delaying the electric car revolution?

If you look at the electric car market we see the likes of Tesla grabbing the headlines but there is an array of other companies making great headway. The electric car market we see today is very different to that of 10 years ago and even just a couple of years ago. Technology has improved […]

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I think it really boils down to three things…

  1. Price

  2. Re-charge time (fast charge)

  3. Battery Range

Once these are addressed, there are really no compelling arguments to keep someone from buying an EV.

Good sense consumer caution of new technology.

I think all the regular vehicle manufacturers are holding back before putting EV cars into major production because they do not know how the buying public will react. They don’t want to be sitting on a huge inventory they have to sell for a loss if Joe Public does not want to shell out that extra money for a lower range more expensive vehicle. That have all (includes volvo, mercedes, BMW, ferrari, and even Morgan) have electric prototypes running while they sort out the bugs to speed up production if the public demand steps up to the plate. I believe the Tesla 3 will be the game changer as it is supposed to be an affordable EV with good range. If that one can keep up momentum in sales after all the pre sales are caught up, I can vision every other manufacturer jumping onto the wagon within 3 years…


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I think range anxiety is one of the biggest factors, as many people simply overestimate how much mileage than they need.

Second to this, I think it’s a case of familiarity. I remember reading a report that suggested people change their minds once they’ve actually been in an EV. But if EV’s are still fairly new, this isn’t always easy to achieve. Once they drop down in price (perhaps even lower than the Tesla 3, depending on your definition of affordable) or even enter the 2nd hand market, they will be more commonly encountered/accepted.