What is stopping you buying an EV?

There seem to be a number of people out there who are keen to buy an EV but something is holding them back. Why have you not dipped your toe into the EV market?

Is it the cost? Worries about charging stations? Technology? Or perhaps it is journey capacity?

Please let us know what concerns you have which might be holding you back from buying an EV.

Personally… right now it’s the cost, and the technology. I drive between 20-75 miles a day. the only vehicles that can handle that right now is the Tesla. I dont have 100K laying around. The new batteries will be out soon and thats when more people will make their move.


Have you had a look at the new Nissan Leaf which is due to be launched in 2013? I am led to believe it has a journey capacity of up to 150 miles on a full charge and from the looks of your average mileage it should be able to cope with your requirements.

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I totally agree with your comments regarding the cost and the technology currently being a barrier for many people looking at electric cars. It is something of a chicken and egg situation, what comes first, do electric cars need to hit the mass market before we see price reductions or will automobile companies need to take a short-term hit to increase coverage?

The subject of technology continues to change on an almost daily basis with new systems, new ideas and new technology very much hitting the headlines. I believe we are on the verge of a big push for electric cars which has taken over 200 years if you look back to the first ever electric vehicles!

yea the leaf has peaked my interests my brother has actually been considering one for some time now and with the 2013 range increase and price drop it’s VERY tempting.

With Graphine battery technology just around the corner it’s rough for me to justify purchasing an electric car when i know that charge times will be cut down to about 1/10th and the weight of the vehicle/battery packs will be be cut down as well.