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Hello guys, Could you pls inform the max driving timing for gem e4 model 2005? I was told that it can’t be driven more than 35 mins continuously! Then I must turn it off for a period so that I can resume driving again for another 35 mins! Is it correct? Many thanks to all of you

I think you have received wrong information.

This is a new one.
What an odd and specific number, followed up by an unspecified rest period.
My inquisitive self wants to know what happens when you drive it for 36 mins?

On the other hand, this is a 2005 we are talking about.

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This could be the case if your batteries were drained after 35 minutes and by “turning it off for a period” included recharging the batteries.

Is this something an owner of a GEM told you or someone else?

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Thank you so much for your assistance. Indeed, my Gem e4 is the only one in Spain and also there is no dealer in Spain! I source what I need for it through eBay. The guy who told me about the driving time is a mechanic working for a golf course. But, nothing happens if I drive it over 35 mins. I even monitor the temperature in the display which is normal (off). Many thanks again

Thank you so much for your feedback. If the batteries are fully charged, I can drive 80 mins continuously ( 25M ) approximately. But as the Golf course mechanic told me about the ( 35 mins) driving limitation, I scare to drive it any longer. Many thanks again

Thank you so much. So, I can drive it continuously as long as the batteries charge allow to? Thanks and Kind regards

Much appreciated. Nothing happens if I drive it for 35 mins. I can continue driving for another 45 mins even ( if the batteries charge allows to) . Even the temperature in the display can s ok (off). Many thanks

Never heard such a thing before. Nor do I recall ever reading such in the manual.

Only shred of possible sense to that number would be if you had the throttle pedal mashed all the way the whole time. After 35 min your lead batteries would be so depleted that the cart would probably shut off on you. If it even made it that far.

What year & model do you have? PM me or post your email and I’ll send you the user manual for that year or era.

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inflate the tires to 35psi, it will help the motor run cooler

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Very much appreciated indeed! It was very professional very helpful! It’s Gem e4 model 2005. You can kindly send the manual to my email address which is tarekmamahmoud@yahoo.com

Many thanks and best regards

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Thank you so much for the advice. Kind regards


Two emails heading your way now.

email 1 has the user manuals and QR guides
email 2 is the service manual.


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Hi Jrjava,

Very much appreciated indeed. I have received them and found them very useful:-).

Thanks again and kind regards


The only other manual would be for the Delta Q charger, but those are easy to find with Google and there are a few different configs for the charger. Like a gem only model, etc you would need a picture of the model number. But if it’s not giving you trouble and you aren’t changing the type of batteries, it’s a non issue. Ie flooded to AGM or Gel to flooded - that would need the manual to know which profile to change to

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Hello Darling,

Very much appreciated! It’s been considerably helpful!

Just another question pls, I lost the key of the cart and I need to order a replacement using the chasis number. Could you provide me with the related Gem contact number to do so?

Thank you so much again and have a lovely day .

I don’t think GEM Corporate kept any such records of key codes to Chassis.
Since the company has changed hands four times now (I think) those records are probably long gone if they did.

You do have some options tho-

Option 1
Your quick path to operation is to replace the key switch assembly with a common aftermarket switch (what most people do)

Option 2
Remove the assembly and have a locksmith special cut a key for your switch. I did this method as it also happens to be the key used in other areas of the car. (glove box, fuse panel door).
Note: the T handle for the Linksback Accessory release at the back of the car is usually another key.

Option 3
If you examine the front of your lock you may find a number stamped into it. Using this number some people have managed to order up a replacement key from Midwest Keys. They are a bit pricey and I have not checked on them for a long time to see if they still do this.


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Greetings, I have to admire the amazing expertise while thanking you so very much! I will try the given professional options. Once again many thanks and have a lovely day

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