Drive train problem

I have a 2000 E2…replacing frt out board boot the snap ring is a spread type ,what tool do I n eed, as my snap ring toolsdo not work.Is there a special tool ?


I have never been able to get an outer one apart. A new one is $125 from NEV Accessories.

I am not trying to get the outer apart only trying to install new boot. Manuel says to spread snap ring apart to release the bearing in order to put the new boot on and then install. what I am trying to do is on page 4 section 3 Drive train.
The snap ring is a spreader type but I can not locate thr correct tool to do this.

Got it done…if you ever plan on replacing the axle boots and have to remove the bgr to replace the boot. Go to harbor freight and buy a cheap needle nose pliar, then grind the outer edge ot the ends square…use to spread the snap ring…brg comes off.
works fine… jimp143

I have a ring spreader and found that two screwdrivers in opposite direction around the tab worked best.

You need a flat nose snap ring tool. Remember, you need to open up the snap ring to release the shaft.