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If your late model GEM is giving you a code 11 and you don’t have anything disturbing throttle pedal travel and all connections are clean. You may have a defective throttle control module.

Remove the module from the cart. Grind off the ends of the fasteners and open up the module.

The strips on the left in the picture are the switch. Any contamination crossing the break in the left strip will cause a code 11 error.

Clean all the strips with contact cleaner or alcohol. Reassemble the unit, melting the ends of the fasteners with a soldering iron, or replace the fasteners.

These units are expensive!

A “TIP OF THE HAT” to JOHN for this valuable tip.

Is this module part of the accelerator pedal? Or, buried under the dash somewhere?

Thanks for your time.


2005 up is part of the accelerator pedal assembly under the floor board. You get at it from under the car.

Code 11 is set by any interruption of power while the throttle is depressed. It also comes up if pedal is depressed when the key is turned on. Some times hard to find cause…

Can I get the pictures you reference in this? I don’t know what the throttle control module is.

inside pedal

Thanks Gem_e2. I have a 2000 model and have not found this inside the pedal. Hmmm what am I missing? Thanks for any help you can give.

The unit in the picture is used on 2005 up.

Early models only have a potentiometer and a micro switch inside

Thank you. That had me confused. I changed out the Potentiometer but still have the code 11. I guess it must be the micro switch? If so, where can I buy one of those?

I buy them on Ebay.

Note The setting on the Pot is touchy if you have it advanced too far when you close the switch you get an 11

You have to make allowance for the fact that its going to move a bit when you put the pedal back in place.

NOTE: make SURE your E brake switch is ADJUSTED PROPERLY!!!

I spent over 10 hours working your exact problem and it turned out to be the E brake adjustment


You are a wealth of scary knowledge that I wish I could have with me on this project! Now I have to rethink it all and start working it again. I am going to start with the micro switch that I found at NEV last night and replace that. Then I will move to the others

Thanks again for being in the people place of offering suggestions and assistance!

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