Display want light up

Did you run a jumper between the red and green pins in this connector?

Is charger plugged into the wall?

Yes I did a jumper from the red green too the green wire and the relay ist jumpt in no charging cabel on

So- It now goes ON/Off with the key?

Yes it’s working with the yumper on the charger

It looks like the interlock relay in the charger is no longer working.

It is not a major problem since we have now jumped around it and the car electrical is operating. You should go back and make the jumper wire more permanent, or cut off the wires and properly connect them with a crimp connector.

You will need to pay attention to the electrical cord and not drive away if the car is plugged in. YOU are now the interlock.
Do you accept this responsibility and fate of the world?

Next- is figuring out why your car will still not drive…

:slightly_smiling_face:maby i find this auto 5 min ago I checked the batteries and 1 is bad

Check again.
You said back up around post one that all batteries were new?

Tell me more of the history of this car.
You also said this car was running 2 days ago?

Why did you replace the batteries?

The car didn’t want to start correct, so we replace the baterie but forgot one it looked new so I didn’t check that particular one
I bought it as is in a garage sale

Ok, We will come back around to this.

Do you have a floor jack and able to get the front wheels up off the ground?

Yes I do tomorrow I will have a new battery and after the jumper and the battery I can try it I really appreciate all ur help and time u spend with me.

Before you jack it up
Push/roll the car back and forth. Do this many times. I suspect the internal motor connections need cleaning.

It would do it good to send the motor out to be serviced.
Where are you located?

Phönix Arizona in the Sunshine Staat :smiley:

Next time out there, take a pic of the motor.

Yes I will but it’s to dark outside will in the morning

@Hans1 this is painful to read.
To keep Byron from throwing in the towel.
Follow his instructions exactly.
Don’t jump ahead or try to guess why.
Give him accurate information. New batteries means ???
I would have quit, myself. :slight_smile:
If that is you picture, i can let it slide.

I don’t understand you massage be more expecific specific please

I guess there may be a language problem, sorry.
You are a saint, Byron. :slight_smile:

:rofl: :rofl:

I’m running into some problems with customs on shipping things like ammunition, napalm and rocket fuel. Byron, old buddy, we may have to improvise for plan b here…