Deltaq factory installed instructions


The charger comes pre-loaded with charge algorithms as detailed in Table 1. Each time AC power is applied with the battery pack NOT connected, the charger enters and algorithm display mode for about 11 seconds. During this time, the current algorithm # is indicated by the number of blinks of the ‘’ LED and Remote LED. A single-digit Algorithm # is indicated by the number of blinks followed by a pause. A 2-digit Algorithm # is indicated by the # of blinks for the 1st digit followed by a pause, then the # of blinks for the 2nd digit followed by a longer pause,. To check/change the charging algorithm

  1. Disconnect the charger positive connect by flipping the master switch. Start with the switch in the OFF position. Apply AC power and after the LED test, the algorithm # will display for 11 seconds.

  2. To enter algorithm selection mode, flip the master disconnect switch ON during the 11 seconds display period right after the first algorithm number is displayed for 1 second and then OFF. HINT: Count to 1 as 100.

  3. To change algorithm, turn switch ON during the 2 minute display period for 4 seconds and then OFF – the algorithm # will advance after 3 seconds. HINT: Count to 4 as 100, 200, 300, 400. Repeat until desired algorithm # is displayed. A 2-minute timeout is extended for every increment. Incrementing beyond the last algorithm moves back to the first algorithm. After the desired Algorithm # is displayed, turn the switch ON until the output relay is heard to click (10 seconds) – the selection is now stored in permanent memory


13 Trojan flooded NC #30XHS/SCS225

14 DEKA gel 12V NC #8G31

15 DEKA gel 12V PRC #8G31 ----- PACK RECOVERY for equalizing cells

24 DEKA gel 8V NC #8G8VGC

25 DEKA gel 8V PRC #8G8VGC ----- PACK RECOVERY for equalizing cells

32 DEKA flooded 12V NC #EV31 ----- CHOSE THIS for Marine MDC 31 size flooded

  1. It is highly recommended to confirm a newly changed algorithm selection by repeating step (a).

Pack recovery (PRC) algorithm selection is not stored in permanent memory. After selecting this algorithm, connect the charger to the battery without interrupting AC power. After about 10 seconds, the charger will begin charging. Use of the PRC algorithm is indicated by the ‘’ and ‘’ LEDs flashing together. When the PRC charge completes, or AC power is removed and reconnected, the charger will revert to the DEKA NC algorithm.

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Question: How do you tell if you have a factory installed Delta’Q or an After Market Delta’Q charger? From what I have read in my research of trying to find out what I have in my recently purchased E2, the algorithms are different for both chargers. Is there some sort of exterior markings on the case?


Easiest way is to go thru the available codes on your installed charger then go to DQ website and see what they mean.

The stock charger has the least amount of built in Algorithms. Did you notice there is no AGM accommodation in the OEM charger. All aftermarket DQ’s have more selections available than GEM installed units. The biggest problem with DQ’s is the touch need to reprogram these puppy’s. I don’t have it. My buddy get’s it first time every time. Go figure.


Heck I have a hard time just counting the LED flashing to get the current program. I guess it’s time to go grab a beer, a pencil and a pad of paper and go play for awhile. Wish me luck… LOL

Thanks You!

Rodney , nice info post , every gem owner should check this . you here people say they only got 2 seasons on mtheir battery pack , most likely the charger is on the wrong setting! you are going to save someone a lot of money on a new pack because they followed this post ! also funny that most gel manufactures say don’t need to equalize a gel battery yet when gem worked with eastpenn and deltaq they installed that option.