Delta-q with 6 pin deutsch connector

Hi. I have a delta-q Quiq charger 912-4800-01 modell.
But instead of the regular 8 pin deutsch contact for battery temp it has a 6 pin one.
The cabels I have found out is that the Brown is connected to battery negative. Opened it up and looked.
White is almost connected to battery positive. Maybe it should be connected internally.
Green and blue goes to a 12v relay.

Red and black goes to the same place on the supportboard and measures the same resistance to negative.

The charger has been programmed with a Lithium profile. But it refuses to charge.
I have tried connecting both red and black to battery negative without result.

Any tips would help alot.

Randomly shorting wires to B- is a bad idea.
What sw is in charger?
What error code?
If charger has lithium sw and does not turn on, it needs the enable wire connected to B-. Connecting the wrong wire will damage charger.
Without searching for dq wiring or seeing inside charger, I can only guess that white wire is enable. If it is it will have 3.3vdc on it measured from B- or brown.