2017 Gem E6 Will Not Start

This was totally my fault, I know I messed up! I removed the Delta Quiq to try and figure out what connections would make the SOC indicator jump to 100% as I have LifePo4 batteries and I am bypassing the Quiq charger to charge the batteries with a Lithium charger. Seems like I made the wrong connection between some wires that plug into the Delta Quiq charger, I heard a click, there was a magnetic feeling between the wires. At that point I knew the car was going to have issues. Now the car will not turn on. There is also no voltage between any of those wires now. I circled the connectors that I combined together which shorted something that I cannot find. Any help is most appreciated.

I think the 16+ cars have fuses? Did you check them? I think they are under the hood.

Yes, all the fuses look OK to me. I put the multi-meter to them and there was continuity. Where I used to get 12V from some of the connectors I put in the picture now I am not getting any volts. Some connections made 12v and some made 5v, now I am not getting any voltage.

You may have a serious problem. The connector, on right, is battery voltage from the bms relay.
The other one is low voltage from the ecm and possibly 12vdc.
If those systems were interconnected, anything is possible.
To be honest, I don’t know where to start. Everything is controlled by the computer modules.

I re-checked all the fuses, thank god it was one of the fuses, labeled Cons. On my way to replace it. I know its that because I put another fuse from another circuit and car is fine. Close one!!!

I do have a spare ECM for a 16+ car should someone blow on up.

@Inwo reprogrammed my QuikQ to handle LiFePO4 cells, and I think @LithiumGods and others can do so as well. Wouldn’t that be the best option?

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Let me know what you are trying to do. I’ll look up the charger wiring.

From memory, you need to charge through the 2 wire plug. (shunt)
And jumper the interlock relay.
Easiest is to use oem charger. For faster charging just add another DQ. Or possibly using both your chargers will register soc.
The oem DQ will trigger all the right points. The extra ah won’t register, but that’s a good thing, as your batteries have more capacity.

@Reddevil I would love to be able to do that, looking for somewhere that I can send it to and get that done. Any help is appreciated on that.

So, the car is running fine, except now the Speedometer is not working LOL…I havent checked the voltage to see if there is some current coming through to power it, that will be my little project tomorrow. Either I am thinking the speedometer is fried or something in between is fried. All fuses are fine, but I will double check tomorrow.

Send it to me or @LithiumGods .
58.4 volts ok?
59.9v and 57v are next.

Speed is can controlled. If car runs can is active. If other things are displayed, can display is working.
Try a hard reset. Cycle battery power.

Can you please PM me your address and price of course? Nothing else is displayed within the speedometer, it looks completely off. USB, lights, blinkers all work fine but I cannot see that the blinker is functioning on the speedometer, however it is actually blinking.

Could be another fuse then.

I can put all three profiles in it.

Sure but if we can make the 58.4 the default that would be awesome!

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I have a Delta Q that came out of my 2016
It’s set up for 60v with lithium profiles

that would have been great, but I literally just shipped my Delta Q to @Inwo today. Grant, do you happen to have a speedometer? I checked the voltage out of my connector and I am getting voltage but the speedometer does not turn on.

Both switched and unswitched power?
From memory.

Sorry I don’t understand what you are asking. I unplugged the main disconnect for about a minute and plugged it back in and still the speedometer looks dead.

I think Inwo is asking is that there may be 2 power wires heading to that unit. See if you have a constant hot, and one that is switched ON and OFF with the key.

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