Delta q programming

David sent me a powered setting device for trial for programming Delta Q’s off the car. Works perfectly. (Not sending it back)

I built a momentary button box to aid setting Delta Q’s that are installed on the car.

Dave’s unit is most useful for programming a DQ on the bench.

My unit is for on car use and connects between the positive DQ wire and the positive post on the car.

My unit replaces the tap the wire to the post method and provides more control of the pulse you give the DQ to program it.


OFF car programming Daves unit. Connect the + and - DQ wires to Daves unit

ON car programming Rodneys unit. Remove the + wire from the charger feed to the car + post and connect the unit between the DQ + wire and the post.

  1. Plug the charger in and it will flash the current algorithm for 11 seconds. During this 11 seconds push the button for slightly less than 1 second. If you are successful the DQ will go into set up mode. This is indicated by the flashing of the stored algorithm past the 11 seconds. If you red light Start over. Getting into the set up mode is the most difficult part of the process. (1/2 second is too little 1 second is too much)

2 When you get into the set up mode press the button 3 1/2 to 4 seconds. This will advance you to the next algorithm. If you red light in this stage go a bit longer on the pulse.

3 Let it flash the algorithm a couple of times to be sure it advanced then repeat until you get to the one you want.

4 When you get to the one you want, press the button until you hear the click - your done. (About 10 to 12 seconds.) You may not hear the click on the powered device but after about 15 seconds it will red light indicating your done.

David will be happy to build you either version. Electrical stuff is not my bag:) Would appreciate feed back on this.