Delta Q part #?

Long story short running into a issue with my dealership. Brought my car in for the recall on the DC converter board.

My car currently has a delta Q charger that I just installed two weeks ago but that does not have a lock out feature. so they are telling me in order for them to perform the recall I need to buy the Delta Q charger from them.

They are telling me the charger I need is Part number 0606-00678 which is on backorder till the end of the month

On a few other website it says I need this part number 2878965 which is a retrofit kit for 2005 and earlier cars and it says it’s a Delta Q charger as well but is a 12 amp model vs 10 amp.
Quite a few people have this charger in stock

Wondering if either or willwork or if I need the first part number I wrote down?


Dan try dropping a dime on my dealer Lee at 888-677-4961… really it’s his dime… he also has a complete parts manual on the website