Delta Q charger for sale

Hello I have a delta Q charger for sale that is basically brand-new. it is the model with that LED mount for the dash.
I paid $420 but will sell for a lot cheaper as I can return it to the manufacturer and they will charge me a restocking fee. Rather sell it to someone in need for cheap then give it back to the manufacture to sell at a higher price.

Long story short I bought this new charger for my project Gem car and installed it and charged the batteries 2-3 times. I used the car for about one more week as it ran fine except my rear tail lights and ignition switch didn’t work. I needed to buy a new 72 V to 12 V converter board. Come to find out that it was under a safety recall and the dealer fixed it free of charge. Well not really because they had the car for over a month and said they can’t fix it because the charger that I had installed on the cart was aftermarket as it didn’t have the safety lock out feature offered on the Delta Q model direct from Gem car. so basically they screwed me and made me buy the brand-new charger from them that was 800 dollars in order for them to do the recall. and they gave me no other choice because they were going to give me the gem back in pieces since they were in the middle of the recall and said my warranty was red flagged at all other dealers so no one would honor the recall. Trust me I called around to other dealers and they all told me no.

So I bought a charger they installed it everything’s fine but I have this very little used charger just sitting in my garage.

$300 and it’s yours.


call or text me if you’re interested and for pictures