Delta q not charging solved

Had an issue with my 2010 gem e2 not charging. Got an error code 54 on the display. After a lot of research and picking oldhouseboaters brain,I came up empty. So I figured the charger was bad. I sent it in to flight systems industrial products,got it back after spending over 400 bucks and still had the same fault code. Oldhouseboater sent me a manual and I looked through it and found the fault codes for the delta q charger. Long story short,the charger had the red light blink one time for the number one fault code. Which means battery temp out of range. So I took an ohm reading on the battery temp sensor and it was zero. Put a good sensor on and everything was happy. Well if your charger isn’t working,save some time and money and check the little blinking red fault code light.

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So the answer was RTFM?

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I am baffled at where a -54 came from.
(edited out irrelevant info)

I’m puzzled too. ooooooooooooo

Oh wait… he said 54. My Bad.

Except - I don’t see a -54 in the list…

Dead battery. It wasn’t charging.
Another strike against the crooks at FSIP.

Was not a dead batteries. Pack voltage was 79.7.

Hey jrjava whats RTFM. Read the f$%%^ manual. LOL

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@ibbbhead ← Are you sure it was a 54?
This code was on the dash pod display?
When did this code pop up? (at Batt Power On? or Key off?)
Did the car drive with this code?

Perhaps what you were seeing is not an error code but instead a numeric SOC%

Yes Rodney,when I would plug the charger in it would show 54 on the display. The battery voltage was down to the red and the turtle was flashing. Battery pack voltage was at 79.7. When I unplugged the charger the 54 code would go away and I drove it,it still ran 26 mph for 11 miles with the turtle flashing and the battery meter on the red. After a little over 11 miles it went into limp mode.

Then, I’m stumped as well.:frowning:

Rodney’s not here man.

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Well there ya go. Was a Bad Temp Sensor. Good job figuring it out. Now you should be paying more attention to the display on the CHARGER when you are having issues.

Now when it is all charged up you may need to do a full pack check and make sure your batteries are back in balance. Make sure you do not have one failing.

Have we determined error 54 or 54 on display?

or 54 on display?

This is the way I interpret it.
54 was on display when charger plugged in and disappeared when unplugged. (Controller was off and sleeping soundly). It must be a feature of his 2011 display software. I don’t think mine does this (09) but I will make that note on next pass.

54 was not a Controller code but it WAS a sign that something was not right (along with the red battery bars and flashing turtle). The car should not have been driven at this point. Whenever you take the batteries extremely low like this it can damage your batteries.

@ibbbhead - Remember this event when you come back in a few months saying the range of your car isn’t what it used to be.