Delta q fault 6 flashes

Hi all, got a ranger EV, with a 912-4854-02B charger that won’t charge. Goes into fault mode with 6 flashes in a sequence. According to manual this could be bad battery connection, or blown fuse in charger. Tested red to green wire and no connection. Opened and removed 2 green fuses (30amp), after much swearing (newbie with soldering), and soldered new ones in. But still no connection?

Is the manual correct with the wire colours?

The interlock wire that connects to red is yellow in your picture. Green circle.
If no connection the black relay is open. I believe that only Gem uses the green interlock.

The three wires to the right are the NO and NC interlock contacts.
As you will find out, not a good idea to tear it down this far, and not necessary for fuse replacement. :slight_smile:

Thanks Inwo, then I’ve pulled apart a perfectly working charger :frowning:
Problem is probably in a battery then (?) as I’ve had overheating due to corrosion on terminals and bad connection. Fixed that just now, but then this problem showed up. Would like to do the lithium upgrade, I understand you’ve been delivering parts? Have you done the Polaris Ranger EV before? Thanks again

No, but I’ve done lots of 48v vehicles. If it’s like the new Gems there is a battery management system that controls charging and soc meter.
I believe that would be ignored with a swap to lithium. Won’t know until you try.
48v requires 32 of the green cells. I’ve also used Volt and Spark.
@grantwest may be looking at a Bolt battery for his 48v Gem.

As long as it’s apart, you might test the output relay. A common failure part that gives the 6 red code.
On a positive note, it is necessary to tear it down to replace the relay.
Black block center of picture.

Great, would you please explain how to test the output relay? Would I have to unsolder it?

Not easy either way. If the circled yellow wire has continuity to red wire the nc contact is ok.
I believe it is a 12v coil. Should be marked.
Connecting proper polarity voltage to coil will pull it in for testing. I can look at one tomorrow. All power coils will have a snubber diode across the coil. That’s the easiest place to power coil for testing contacts.
+plus to cathode and - to anode. Diode will conduct the other way and look like a short circuit to your 12v ? supply.

If charger was together, I would suggest rapping relay hard to unstick the contacts