Delta q algorithm setting info important important important

The most important thing you have to do is GET THE CHARGER IN THE RESET MODE.

To do this:

Remove the red charge wire from the battery + post.

Plug the charger in and tap the post for slightly less than 1 second. if you are successful the charger will then be in the set up mode. If you didn’t get it right the red light will come back on and you have to start over.

A full 1 second is too long, A short tap is too long.

THIS STEP IS NOT IN MOST SETUP PROCEDURES. I has caused a ton of people grief.

When you get in the set up mode: (indicated by the display NOT going to red flashing error)

tap the post 3 times count one one thousand, lift, one one thousand, lift, one one thousand lift. Pause

The charger will advance to the next step and indicate by flashing the code

Repeat till you get to the setting you want then hold until you hear a click or 30 seconds

Your Done

What say you?



Hi -

I’m the new owner of a 2002 825 that was dead when I bought it. The first thing I did was replace a mix of 31XHS and GEL batteries (mixing a matching probably contributed to it not working) with all new Trojan T1275s, which I see Rodney and others highly recommend. Rodney’s post above was incredibly helpful as I struggled to change the algorithm setting, and finally got the tapping to work.

When I started, the charger was set to algorithm 5, which appears to be correct for 31XHS batteries. My problem is that the folks at delta-q recommend algorithm 1 for T1275s (delta-q algorithm suggestions), but my pre-programmed algorithms only cycle through 5, 6, 11, 71, 72, 73, 125, 126, 141, and 151, which is a mixture of flooded and AGM, and one GEL.

Is the only way to program a new algorithm with the special cable and software? Is there any harm to the T1275s if I leave the algorithm set to 5?

Thanks for any insight. I’ve already learned a ton from this forum.


Your set to go

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You dont have a 1 so 5 is the way to go. Every once in awhile give it a double charge. Unplug it for a couple of minutes when its charged and plug it in again. Trojan 1275s ate 150 hour batteries. Trojan likes a heavier for these. Best Battery out there.

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Thanks again, Rodney. Seems to be working fine with 5. I had originally asked Delta-q the same question and finally heard back yesterday. They actually recommended 71 because it’s in the same capacity range as the T1275. But I’m sticking with your recommendation.

if you have a 71 in your charger go for it

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