2002 Gem e825 re-programming from gel to flooded batteries

I’m reprogramming from gel to flooded batteries. Is there instructions for doing this?

This answer has been posted a number of times on this site, search for @Old_Houseboater post as his are detailed. It’s not very intuitive but following those instructions not impossible. You just need to be precise and patient. Good luck!

To prepare to change the algorithm on a Delta Q on most GEM cars you will need 2 pieces of insulated electrical wire about 6 feet long connected to a momentary pushbutton switch.
The reason for this is that you will be flat on your back where you can see the indicator lights on the DQ while changing the setting.
Let’s get started.
Shut the main switch off.
Disconnect the red wire coming from the charger at the B+ (battery plus) post.
Connect one of your pushbutton wires to the post and position the other end under the cart in a comfortable position.
Connect the other wire to the charger red wire…
Turn on the main switch.
Get under the cart in a comfortable position where you can plug and unplug the charger.
Reach up and plug in the charger. The indicator will flash the current code for 11 seconds in yellow then time out and flash red.
Unplug the charger for 15+ seconds to let it reset.
Plug the charger in and push the button for a bit less than one second (count 1-1000) ¾ of a second is too short, more than a second is too long. If it continues to flash the algorithm for more than 11 seconds YOU’RE IN!!!. If it red lights, you have to start over.
When you’re in, you have 2 minutes to tap the button for a bit less than 4 secounds, count 1-1000, 2-1000, 3-1000, 4-unh. Under 3 seconds is too short, over 4 seconds is too long. If you got It. it will flash the new algorithm. If you red light, start over.
Repeat until you reach your desired algorithm. THEN
Hold the button down for 10 seconds, or until you hear the charger click indicating your new setting is stored.
Unplug the charger and shut off the main switch. Remove your setup wiring and connect the red charger wire to the post.

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Following Rodney’s great instructions I was able to change the algorithm on the first attempt. The momentary switch is a necessity. I believe you want algorithm #13 for gels. On another note, is that a Chris Craft in your avatar photo?