Delay when changing directions

I have a 2002 e4 and it has started to build a delay when I change from forward to reverse or vice versa. After I swap the direction it takes about 30 seconds, during which time I have to hold the accelerator down, to get the signal and start going in it’s new direction.

I am pretty sure the switches are working as it makes the beeping for reverse right away.

Any ideas?


Are you Daniel from FB by chance?
Same issue.
What does the main contactor do during the wait?
Is it off and the delay is waiting for it to pull in?
Will car move immediately when key is first turned on?

Yeah, I assume this is Dave or Byron. Thanks for the help with the batteries.

What does the main contactor do during the wait?

  • It certainly feels like a contactor/relay type issue. I can hear power being sent but it won’t engage for about 30 seconds

Is it off and the delay is waiting for it to pull in?

Will car move immediately when key is first turned on?

  • Yes no issues as long as I don’t change direction

Yes, inwo=dave. @AssyRequired = Byron

Contactor is controlled by a time-off timer. It drops out if throttle is not pressed for xx seconds.
Throttle switch (fs1) pulls in contactor with no delay.
I want to see if that part is working.

Do you have a good test procedure?

On Gen1 cars - At first KeyON (from cold start) there is a big CLUNK from under dash. That is your Main Contactor (relay). Most cars will also need to have Park Brake down (off).
Does car immediately take off and go?
How long does it take?

Also- If you just sit there and do nothing, The contactor disconnects (unclunk). When you press the pedal again it will connect again and you should be able to go.

Is there a delay? (not changing directions)

IIRC, this is the pre-recall dc-dc logic board.

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yes, it is. I wonder if I can get the recall replacement board if it will correct this on its own?

I’ll try Byrons suggestion at lunch.

So the contactor clicks right away when turning the key on.

It takes 4 seconds on full throttle down to change direction. I can hear it almost building up to it with a louder and louder hum.

So the contactor is engaged? Then, my theory about the logic board is out the window.
Sevcon controllers have a setting for less torque after direction change. I’m quite sure that Ge controllers do not.
They have a setting to slow starting acceleration and “creep” speed.
I wonder if creep speed is set to zero? But then it would do it after “key on” as well.

How about cycling key after direction change?

Change directions OK.
How about staying in the same direction, Stopping. Then romping on it again?

Refresh my memory… Has it always done this? Or was there an event that started this behavior?

It sounds like #6 Controlled acceleration setting in controller is set real high or somehow is corrupted.

Staying in the same direction works perfectly no issue at all. press the pedal and go

This problem started last summer. Most the time its just a minor annoyance but becomes an issue if I have to make a multi-point turn I backup and that takes 4 seconds to engage, then move forward and that takes 4 seconds to engage and so on.

I just tried the key trick and that doesn’t seem to fool it. Nothing but holding the accelerator pedal down for 4 seconds allows it to change from forward to reverse.

That’s strange. How does it know you previously changed directions and not starting for the first time. “rhetorical”
The throttle can’t know. It’s not a delay in contactor.
I may need to sit back and let Byron figure this one out.
Could you spare your controller long enough sometime, send it to Byron for testing?

Hello, does anyone have a T2 controller to lend?

If someone had a spare I could do it any time. Otherwise I might live with it until fall and then send it off.

Could be a T1 or a T2.