I have a 2002 GEM 4 seater, directional control switched now wont run

Hello everyone,

I am new here, but I am glad I found this site seems like there is a lot of knowledge.

I have a 202 GEM e825 4 seater, my son was driving it and he switch the direction switch into reverse while still in motion. Since then the care has not been functional, the batteries have a full charge and when I turn the car on I can here the switch kick in but once I release the break and press the accelerator the car will not drive. The odd thing is that it doesn’t display a error code either.

Does anyone have knowledge of this and/or can steer me in the right direction?

Thank you Brian

I’ve done that on my car and never had a problem. Are you sure that the switch is in Fwd and not neutral? There is a neutral setting between Fwd and Rev that should throw an error code but its worth asking.
Next, I would ask if you’ve tried it in reverse and/or Turf mode. Wondering if any mode works.
From there its a matter of chasing voltages. When you hear the contactor close, you should be able to read battery voltage across the terminals on your controller under the dash.
Worst case is that you damaged the controller, but I would be very surprised if that happened.

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I’ve done it too.
Try resetting the controller. Power off and then on after 30 sec.

I have reset it multiple times and nothing has changed when the key is on an emergency break down I push the gas pedal and get no fault indications of any kind in the car and it won’t go anywhere