Help...2005 GEM only will go in reverse

I have 2005 el that gave me error code 82. I unplugged the harness from the accelerator petal and sprayed CRC on terminals. It will now back up but when in forward position it barley grunts and try to go forward. When in reverse it works fine. Jacked it up and it will go over 40 MPH in reverse and when shifted to forward it still goes backwards. Any ideas??

Still get error code?
Ohm the motor with at least one f and one a wire disconnected.
I’ll have to search for correct readings.
Reverse the field wires to see if motor runs the other way.

Seems like bad field fets, but that is a different code.

Thank you for your response.I will test motor tomorrow.I no longer get any error codes. I will ohm motor tomorrow and see what I get. Could it be a controller problem?

Why would the motor run in reverse when the switch on the column is in forward? If I switch the F1 and F2 wires on the controller, should the motor run the opposite way?

Either the controller is not reversing the field of some weird motor fault is causing it.

I may be misunderstanding.
If one of the field fets are shorted, ie reverse, motor will run in reverse. But try to run both ways in forward.

Yes, reversing field wires will reverse motor.

In any case, field determines direction.
A $150 fix.

Thank you. I will switch field wires and do some ohm testing. I think I know how to do the testing but would appreciate any help. Thanks again.

Over the weekend I switched the F1 and F2 wires on the controller and the car drove just fine when the switch on the steering column was in reverse. When put in forward it grunted a few times and I did get an error code of 49. It sounds like the motor is fine as it seemed normal with the fields switched on the controller. Does this look like a controller issue? If so who would you recommend for me to send in controller for repair.


Fsip remanufactures controllers. $300- $500 haven’t heard prices lately.
I don’t believe anyone repairs them.
If you know someone handy with electronics, they can replace the field fets for you. Good chance that’s all it is.
~$50 in parts.

I do in fact know of someone. Are the parts readily available and from whom, FSIP?

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Parts are generic. Plainly marked. Your electronic guy should have no trouble sourcing them.
Nothing to lose. If that doesn’t fix it, send it in.
Once the controller is open, it’s easy to see which fets are for the field circuit. They are connectd to the field terminals.
4 of them connected full bridge. 2 for forward and 2 for reverse.
Your guy will know what that means.