2005 gem e4 starts to move in reverse thenstops

I have a 2005 gem car that starts to move in reverse then stops and flashes wrench cart moves fine in drive new to all this bought car this way any help would be appreciated cart has new ride 4 fun motor and all new batteries please help

No error codes on the display? It might be the dreaded 66 code. When this happens the car might go forward but not backward or vice versa. It can be fixed but it not fun, or you can have the controller rebuilt or you can covert to AC motor and controller.

All this if it is actually a 66 error if not I am not sure where to point you.

If your controller is bad I would recommend upgrading to a T4/T5 . The T3 that came stock is not performance upgradeable . The upgrade will give your Gem a noticeable improvement.

maybe you have a bad forward reverse switch
try to hold it down in reverse

Could be. Would it “wrench” with no code? That’s a tough one.
Keep the throttle down to look for code. A throttle error may reset at zero throttle.
And why only reverse? The switch, wiring, motor, or controller are the only thing I can think of.

Reverse your field wires. Follow the the symptom.

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I think I got a error code 49 I looked it up any ideas what to look for previous owner just put new motor and batteries in it

66 almost always follows a 49.

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Any idea what I have to do

I switched the two little wires on control and cart moved backwards fine but did the same thing when I tried to go forwards

If I have to have controller reprogram not a big deal just don’t want to waste money if that’s not the problem

Then it’s an open reverse mosfet in controller. There should be a few for sale that we replaced with Sevcon.

Sorry new to this electric car stuff what is that what is it called I can’t find a reverse mosfet I really do appreciate the help very much

Car has the ride 4 fun motor and only does 26 with 14 inch tires should I just send controller in to be reprogrammed to faster and have them fix my problem and make car go faster

If you have the budget for it.

Ride 4 fun doesn’t fix them , they send them to Flight systems for repair (fsip.biz) , you can too .Flight systems wont program for high speed. For that you can install a MAgic magnet (inwo on here sells them) this will remove the governor and let your Gem hit it’s speed potential, probably low 30’s .

What top speed are you looking for?

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I’m hearing people getting them up to 40 I wouldn’t mind that I have the ride 4 fun motor and 14 inch rims with decent size tires on them thanks for the info of who to send them to like I said before I’m new to all this just bought the car couple days ago every bit of help everyone is giving me is greatly appreciated how do I get ahold of inwo to find out about magic magnet

And I have a t4 controller in my car with the ride for fun motor sorry like I said I’m new to this and learning alot from you guys